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Marine Plastic Vacuum Formed Parts

Ansini provides high quality plastic vacuum formed parts whatever the sector. We are provide plastic fabricated parts that meets our customers' high expectations in performance and reliability.

With our excellence working to the Aerospace’s exacting standards has enabled us to develop transferrable skills applicable to manufacturing plastic vacuum formings for the Marine industry. You can be assured that our experience will benefit you.

Ansini has the capabilities to manufacture and assemble interior or exterior thermoplastic parts for any assembly or sub-assembly of the Boating Industry. We appreciate the need for hard wearing parts have to be and how critical it is they perform to the highest standard.

We supply vacuum formed plastic parts for cabin spares and parts for all levels marine industry. We can offer comprehensive assembly facility, including leather trimming.

Leather Trimming
Some examples of the work we manufacture includes;
  • Seat Mouldings
  • Leather and Fabric re-trimming
  • Cabin Mouldings
  • Storage Compartment Assemblies
  • Table Assemblies

We can offer you Aerospace approved materials, specialist plastics and polymers, Ansini can manufacture marine vacuum formed parts to the highest industry standards and testing.

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