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Leisure & Beauty Plastic Vacuum Forming

Whatever the sector we can help tailor your design to fit the forming process; plastic vacuum forming can be used and realised to any customer’s specifications.

Plastic vacuum forming in the sports, leisure and beauty industry is under used. Many new concepts are pushed towards the injection moulding process. We have recently demonstrated the versatility of vacuum forming by taking a clients concept, originally designed as an injection moulded assembly and producing the product solely in vacuum forming.

We helped the product designer not only reduce costs, by manufacturing the whole project in plastic vacuum forming, but also helped them realise their concept by manufacturing and assembling a bill of materials, of close to a 100 parts, into a more atheistically pleasing product. With this being a new concept vac forming it was ideally suited as any subtle changes could be made by small adjustments to machine programmes rather than going to the great expense of making costly tool modifications.

Ansini also prides itself on being the preferred supplier of plastic vacuum formed components for one of the UK’s leading fruit machine manufacturers, where we supply plastic inserts for light displays, as well as money shoots and coin collection boxes.

We also supply vacuum forming work not only limited to the beauty, cosmetics and gaming industries, we have also found that clients have been continually approaching us about projects for gym equipment, coffee machines, canoe's and kayaks. As well as many other vacuum formed plastic parts for the sports and leisure sector.

With the pressure of producing a visually striking product, Ansini’s quality management team has had to work closely with production to manufacture to the exacting standards of quality, security and aesthetics demanding in the differing areas of any sector.

Vacuum Formed Plastic Mouldings for Portable Spray Tanning Units
Some good examples of our work include:
  • Canoe Seating
  • Diving Equipment
  • Gambling Displays
  • Childrens Rides
  • Gym Equipment
  • Mannequins
  • Beauty and Cosmetics Products and Packaging
  • Coffee and Vending Machines
  • Sewing Machines
Please visit our plastic packaging website for further information.
Plastic Vacuum Formings for Portable Spray Tan Units Plastic Vacuum Formings for Light Display Isolations
Vending Machine Plastic Components Plastic Vacuum Formings for  Machine Ventillation Panels


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