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Tired of meeting with resistance to your designs and ideas from plastic moulding companies?

  • Do you get support when selecting the most effective material or finish?
  • Is there a more cost effective way to achieve the same functionality?
  • How can you get the best value for your client without compromising your design?

At Ansini, there are no barriers, unlike some companies we won’t try to compromise your ideas to suit our way of working.

No matter what your product is, the volume you require or size - if you are using or are thinking about using plastic vacuum formed mouldings for your design, give us a call. A brief chat with one of our production specialists will enable you to get the very best solution for your concept and your client’s budget.

Whatever the sector

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FREE product designer workshops on thermo plastic moulding capabilities, materials and finishes

Ansini run regular workshops exclusively for product designers – this enables us to keep you up to date with changing technology, manufacturing techniques, products and finishes.

The workshops are held at our manufacturing site, so you also have the opportunity to tour the facility and see our extensive and diverse operations.

One of our production specialists will talk you through the different moulding techniques, materials and finishes so you are equipped with the knowledge of what's possible and practical in thermo plastic moulding.

“As a design consultancy we found the people at Ansini refreshingly knowledgeable, with an enthusiasm for design that meant there was very little resistance to new ideas – the advice given also helped us make the product more cost effective to produce.”
4C Design Ltd

Are you looking to remove excess cost from the production of your plastic vacuum formed product?

We specialise in helping you become more competitive by stripping out unnecessary cost from the manufacturing process. This may be through working with you on your design to improve efficiency in manufacture, however, we will never ask you to compromise your design. Our role is simply to assist you in getting the best from your concept by using the most efficient and effective manufacturing process.

We offer a fast, friendly, flexible service and support product designers to achieve their vision in plastic.
  • Low Volume Start-Ups and Low Cost Tooling
  • Large Range of Moulding Sizes, Materials and Finishes
  • High Volume Production Capability
  • Low Cost Manual Assembly
  • Flexible, Responsive and Experienced Solution Providers

Our experience is priceless if you want to continually review and reduce manufacturing costs or just get the best from your design without having to fight to get your way.

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