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Product Finishing and Assembly | Ansini

Ansini are more than just a vacuum forming company, with extensive value added services available including product assembly, utilising sheet metal and machined components.

…premium finishing solutions

Ansini offer an extensive product assembly and finishing capability. Using a combination of experienced internal and external processes, provide the widest range of product options for a total solution package, including:

Ultrasonic Welding
This involves the assembly of multiple vacuum formed product providing a secure ultra high frequency weld. Ideally suited for common material for an effective weld to achieve complex assemblies where moulding is not possible in one mould run. Usages include the inclusion of mounting brackets to plastic mouldings, without any deformation in aesthetic form to the seem face.

Adhesive Bonding
This is used where vacuum formed assemblies require the use of:

  • Alloys & Steel components
  • Leather & Fabric based materials
  • Foam bonding
  • Non mechanical fixings

Adhesives offer advantages specific to the individual requirements of the application, criteria includes; Temperature, Chemical Strength, UV Stability, Environmental concerns etc.

Ultra Suede Process
This is a specialised service available for products that require a decorative surface finish of Fabric & Leather based Materials. This is a water based environmentally friendly adhesive system, used extensively within the Aerospace industry.

Leather and Fabric Trimming
Using our experienced team of skilled pattern makers and over lockers are able to create a finished product requiring Fabric and Leather based materials. Ideally suited towards Aerospace and Automotive interior products and assemblies.

Painting, Chroming & Metalising
Using our external partners we are able to offer a managed service for outsourcing of specialised finishes and requirements such as: -

  • Plastic Painted to colour coded finishes
  • Plastic Chroming
  • Metalising
  • Screen Printing

Product Assembly and Kit Build
Using a combination of the added value services we are also able to offer a complete finished product by way of, kit of parts, partial or sub-assembly or a total finished assembled product. Working within your specified requirements.

Ansini design and manufacturing services are available to all clients requiring either a Complete Solution or Tailored Service.

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